Celebrity Racing Pigs

What We Provide

We Provide: Pigs, starting gate, race track, announcer, PA, housing for the pigs, concessions for the fans to purchase prize ribbons and photos. We will provide up to THREE shows a day, each show lasting 30 minutes.

What is in our Show: With music and two feather friends during the pre-show that leads the audience into our Hillbilly Show. The swinemaster is dressed in colourful coveralls and does the introductions of all the animal racers to the audience while the caretaker places the "silks" on the racers and gets them ready to race. We pick out cheerleaders from the audience to "root" on the racers to victory. The race begins with the "Call to the Post" and the sound of a bell and they're off. All participants and cheerleaders get a ribbon saying, "I went Hog Wild at the Pig Races". We then follow up with a duck race, Baby Pot Bellied Pigs, mixed animal and pig race, our own Backyard Olympics for volunteers from the audience and one last pig race.

You Provide

You Provide: A sponsor or sponsors if you so desire. The sponsor should provide signage for the trailer, tracks and prizes, if they want to give away something. You will also need to provide water, electric, a dumpster or barrel close to dispose of waste property and 15 bags of compressed wood shavings.

Click here to download a printable version of the layout map. (PDF, 259KB)

layout of racing area


Expo Quebec 2008









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